BT21; the brand and its characters were born from a collaborative project between LINE FRIENDS and BTS. Since its launch in 2017, the brand has captured the hearts and minds of youths worldwide with its charming designs, unique concept and thoughtful storytelling.

Significant effort has been made in communicating with the global fan-base in the making of this concept, which continues to this day. The rapid growth supported by fans has led to the expansion of the brand into the BT21 UNIVERSE.

Online shops and physical stores located worldwide are providing consumers with unique brand experience and quality products, and digital presence in the form of animated content and games are going strong. Collaborations with trendsetting brands have picked up as well with even more partnerships on the horizon, culturing the brand scope into an even more youthful, vibrant outlook.

BT21 is the first project of LINE FRIENDS CREATORS. It is a new IP co-created by LINE FRIENDS and BTS. Rather than simply creating avatars of the physical appearance of artists, BT21 consists of 8 different charming characters created by BTS members, where all of them actively participated in the whole process from drawing sketches to elaboration."
Why BTS?
BTS, the first artist to join the ‘FRIENDS CREATORS’ Project, is a creator that shows connection in terms of the global character brand LINE FRIENDS’ keywords: Global, Millennials and Trending. BTS has high popularity and strong influence in the world, and are great story tellers of our time who can share the story of ‘development in IP’.
BT21 Social Media
FRIENDS CREATORS FRIENDS CREATORS is the unique creative project of LINE FRIENDS, where the skills and the capability of LINE FRIENDS to create characters and the creativity of artists in a variety of fields are combined to create a new kind of character IP. Now we present the first project BT21, created by BTS.